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Depersonalization Recovery Package

Comprehensive Two Step Recovery Plan

Accelerated treatment of Anxiety and Depersonalization through a comprehensive and effective recovery process..Effective elimination of stubborn symptoms through application of a simple yet specific two-step treatment method. Accurate and correct approach ensures complete and permanent recovery.

One may experience anxiety without symptoms of depersonalization but cannot experience depersonalization without a core condition of anxiety. This is why a two step anxiety and depersonalization approach is necessary for permanent recovery to occur.


Depersonalization Recovery Package CD Version:  $299.00 plus shipping

MP3 Download version:  $199.00

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Experience instant relief from depersonalization and anxiety symptoms. Learn to operate from strength and power. Learn the natural, safe and effective method of total depersonalization and anxiety elimination. Through healing techniques, diet/nutrition and lifestyle changes, you will succeed in creating a life that is comfortably free from all phases of depersonalization and anxiety.

24 Audio CDs in Two Attractive Vinyl Cases, Corresponding Informative Workbooks/ Study Guides and Depersonalization and Anxiety Neutralizing Diet/ 7 Day Menu Plan.

SUPPORT CD: Mind Clearing and Thought Separating: The newest technique for eliminating the source/trigger of all anxiety symptoms. Rest and repair the mind as you go through daily living.

Adrenal Fatigue CD: Eliminate Feelings of Exhaustion, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, Brain fog, Morning Anxiety etc.

NEW Anxiety Relief Cheat Sheet: Four Steps/Concepts for Anxiety Relief.

CD/ One: More Than Hope: Tap Into Your Power: Dr. Freedman's personal triumph over the anxiety condition, resulting in the simple, basic and permanent recovery plan described in this program.

CD/ Two: Panic Attacks: Eliminate Permanently: Natural Cure, Permanent Recovery. Instantly switch off panic reactions and prevent their return. UNIQUE FOUR STEP CONCEPT. Foolproof method for instantly disarming panic attacks. Reclaim your personal power.

CD/ Three: Symptoms and Their Myths: Understand interfering anxiety symptoms and dispel their myths. A clear and complete explanation of upsetting anxiety symptoms, allowing you to eradicate them from your life permanently.

CD/ Four: Your Adult Voice: Tap into your true power and begin to reclaim control of your life. Innovative method of transforming every facet of your life. Recreate yourself as you excavate the stronger, more capable YOU. Locate your own true personal power.

CD/ Five: Choices/ Problem Solving: Achieve an Anxiety-Free Mind and Body through Choice: Learn expedient Problem Solving and begin living a stress free life again.

CD/ Six: Anxiety Neutralizing Diet: Learn how to use your foods to work for you rather than against you.Boost SEROTONIN levels naturally through our DRUG-FREE METHOD. Learn how to use whole foods in order to eliminate anxiety and change your life. Anxiety Neutralizing Diet: Neutralizes all phases of Anxiety, Depression, Depersonalization.

CD/ Seven: Personality Profile: Understand your personality traits and experience a deeper understanding of the anxiety condition. Learn the traits you share with others who have experienced anxiety symptoms, and why these traits signify an exceptional individual. Learn how to work with the positives and counter the negatives. Self acceptance, self esteem and self love. A new self respect will grow out of understanding your personality, along with self confidence and self esteem. Locate, the NEW stronger YOU.

CD/ Eight: Un-Setbacks- Eliminating Obstacles: Identify interfering stressors before they interrupt your life. Prevention and techniques to place you back on track.

CD/ Nine: Simplify Your Life: Natural Laws of Emotional Wellness: Stress Relievers: How to simplify your life and thereby alleviate interfering stress. Recognize and focus upon the simple pleasures in life. Learn the laws of natural health. Common sense protection and prevention of stress reactions.

CD/ Ten: Exercise, The NEW Relaxation: Walk With Me: Learn how to use moderate exercise to relieve stress, tension and cultivate new relaxation. Walk through your worries and anxiety along with Dr. Freedman. The new upgraded companion tape... Walk With Me/Moving Through Stress.

Depersonalization Portion of Depersonalization Recovery Package

CD/ One: You're Not Alone: Dr. Freedman's description and personal experience with depersonalization/ derealization, explaining why the simple, basic and permanent recovery plan described in this program will eliminate this sometimes stubborn anxiety symptom.

CD/ Two: Understanding: Complete explanation concerning depersonalization, how it evolved and why recovery is a simple, basic process.

CD/ Three: Coping with Depersonalization: Unique method for permanent elimination of symptoms of depersonalization. Six simple phases of recovery with easy to follow techniques.

CD/ Four: Eliminating the Source: Locating the source of depersonalization, eliminating it, and moving forward into permanent recovery.

CD/ Five: Foods and Depersonalization: Maintaining specific diet/nutrition skills to ensure full recovery from depersonalization and prevent future episodes.

CD/ Six: Serotonin Boosting Naturally: Studies reveal a strong connection between Serotonin levels and depersonalization/derealization. Learn how to naturally boost Serotonin levels for an efficient and complete recovery from depersonalization. Enhance feelings of well-being, decrease the sensation of depersonalization and become less reactive.

CD/ Seven: Depersonalization Companion Audio: Dr. Freedman accompanies you through your daily routine, explaining the most expedient way to successfully overcome depersonalization, symptoms and avoid pitfalls.

CD/ Eight: Staying on Track: Identifying interfering stressors before they build into depersonalization. Suggestions and simple techniques to avoid slipping into depersonalization/derealization.

CD/ Nine: Simple Prevention: Simplify your life by learning how to avoid lifestyle stresses which often lead to the development of depersonalization. Common sense protection against depersonalization and prevention of future episodes.

CD/ Ten: Refresh the Mind: Paving the way for instant relief from depersonalization symptoms. Learn to turn off an over-active mind, clear the clutter and find peace from both depersonalization and derealization. Refresh a depersonalized mind.