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Natural Recovery Treatment

Accelerated Program Package

Professional Counseling

Natural Recovery Treatment

A simple yet specific treatment plan allowing a fatigued mind to fully refresh, resulting in a complete return to clarity, calm and peace of mind. Permanent elimination of intrusive anxiety symptoms and detached feelings of depersonalization. Comprehensive information, easy to follow process and a support system leading to permanent recovery

Getting Started

Free Phone Evaluation

COMPLIMENTARY TELEPHONE EVALUATION. All your questions will be answered and you'll be helped to determine which option of treatment best suits your needs. Office Phone: 215-635-4700, Office Hrs. 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (EST)

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The Program Package

DEPERSONALIZATION PROGRAM PACKAGE complete with 24 Audio CD's, Two Comprehensive Workbook Study Guides and Extensive Nutritional Plan with Complete Seven Day Menu. Ships within 24 hours of ordering.

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Counseling Sessions

COUNSELING SESSIONS, In-Office, Telephone or Skype Sessions available. Recognition of depersonalization triggers and ways to interrupt the reactions they create. Training a reactive mind to naturally refresh, resulting in a full return to calm and clarity. Emergency sessions also available.

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Depersonalization is the feeling of unreality due to prolonged anxiety, stress and fear. Derealization is the strange or unfamiliar sensation experienced when looking at familiar surroundings.

Professional Counseling

Depersonalization Counseling Sessions In-Office, Phone and Skype Sessions Dr. R. E. Freedman Office Hours: 10: am - 10:pm, Mon-Sun. Office Telephone 1-215--635-4700

Natural Treatment

Accelerated treatment of Anxiety and Depersonalization through a comprehensive and effective recovery process.Effective elimination of stubborn symptoms through application of a simple yet specific two-step treatment method.

quick Contact:     215-635-4700     10:00 am - 10:00 pm ( est )

Logical Explanation:

The truth concerning every aspect of depersonalization.

Behavior Therapy:

Turn off the triggers and experience full clarity.

Nutrition/ Food Plan: Create a far less reactive mind and body

Telephone or Skype Sessions:

Fees: 45 minute Phone or Skype Session: $145.00

Sliding Scale Available based upon financial need

In-Office Counseling Sessions

In-office 50 Minute Counseling Session: $165.00

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